Mmmm. Arthur Bryant's barbecue for dinner tonight. I've been ambivalent about which sort of KC barbecue is best, but my opinions are finally starting to crystallize after years of, uh, sampling. Bryant's is the original, and still the best. Gates is a close second. The rest are excellent, by and large, but not quite as amazing as the big two.

Ok, so I have a question. I'm considering switching from (analog) cable to satellite TV—prolly DirecTV, I think—but I'm unclear on how well (or poorly) my TiVo will work with satellite service. It's nearly ideal now on cable. Do any of you all have an older "original" TiVo and DirecTV? What happens when you throw a satellite box into the mix? Does the thing really integrate well? Which program guide do you use? I know about DirecTiVo, but I've registered this thing for life, so I'm not too interested in switching until a real HTDV-ready model is available.

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