Watching the Opteron launch should be fun. I wish we had a system to review, but it just didn't work out. It's my fault for not going after one more aggressively. We should get one before too long, I think. I'm interested to see whether the Hammer architecture will translate into good things for AMD in the workstation and desktop markets. I have few doubts about its prowess as a server architecture, actually, and I expect some heavy hitters to come on board with AMD quickly—maybe even a few surprises tomorrow. But there's been some internal debate around here over whether the chip will fare well against the P4 on the desktop. It is improved in relevant ways—integrated memory controller, SSE2, longer pipeline, SOI—to take on the Pentium 4 in tasks where the P4 now leads the Athlon XP. But we're wondering whether it's improved enough in those areas to compete well versus the Prescott P4 and Xeon chips we expect to see in the fall. I'll be reading the reviews with this question in mind.

You guys have been going crazy for this GeForce FX giveaway. We've received over 1,000 entries in the first 24 hours. Pretty darned smooth. Of course, your odds now suck. :)

I've been packing things up since we're moving here in a couple of weeks, and I was amazed to realize how many ancient video cards I really have here. Check it: a TNT, TNT2, Voodoo 2, Intel 752 (yes, discrete), STB Velocity 128 PCI, and an S3 Savage4. Plus a Creative Vibra 16 and a Mylex SCSI card. The sad thing is, these cards have been sitting on the same countertop for literally years. I really could have used that space. What a mess.

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