Sony closer to cell-ular reproduction

Take a look at this article over at ZDNet, regarding Sony's Cell processor. In between the marketing BS (Example: "In addition to expanding its use in new applications inside the Sony group, we want to take it outside the home and expand it to a variety of areas.") is some interesting information on Sony's teraflop toy.

The main focus of today's story is the announcement of a fab to produce the Cell chips. Sony is kicking in a total of $1.6 billion for the plant, which will produce Cell chips on a 65-nanometer process using 300mm wafers. Needless to say, if it works out, the production capabilities of the plant could be.... substantial.

The article also states that the new chip should be a thousand times as powerful as the PS2's processor, though I'm not sure that's new information. For those who aren't familiar with Cell, there is a link to a previous article that goes into more detail about how Cell is supposed to work. Of course, for the best (not to mention funniest) explanation of Cell I've seen so far, one need look no farther than Penny Arcade.

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