Web fills with Opteron articles

The web is brimming with Opteron-related content today. Here's are some of our notes and observations:

  • When you see reviewers leaning on ScienceMark 2.0 for their Opteron testing, keep in mind that ScienceMark 2.0 has been developed while Tim Wilkens, one of the principals involved, has been employed at AMD as part of the Computation Products Group. Here's a presentation he wrote on optimizing for the Opteron processor. We've been torn about how to handle ScienceMark 2.0 in our own testing as a result of Dr. Wilkens' employment at AMD.

  • There's nothing quite like solid, objective performance assessments in hands-on hardware reviews.

  • John Taschek: poster boy for big IT media ignorance.

  • FiringSquad has an interesting interview with Epic's Tim Sweeny on the importance of 64-bit platforms for content creation for next-generation games.

  • NVIDIA and VIA announce Opteron chipset support plans.

  • ATI announces Linux and Windows driver support for Opteron systems.

  • New marketing term alert! AMD64 replaces "Hammer" and "x86-64" (as in "AMD64 ISA") as The Official Term for the new AMD stuff.

  • Sudhian analyzes the Opteron launch.

  • AnandTech's Opteron architectural overview
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