A better biometric

I'm sure you've seen the crop of new security devices around that don't require you to remember a password and instead use some unique part of your person such as fingerprints, eye, face, voice, or handwriting to ID. If you've ever actually used one of these systems, you'll know they haven't quite gotten the solution perfect. Part of the problem is that some parts of what makes you unique fluctuate with time. A company in called WonderNet has come with a new spin on handwriting recognition technology:
The movements of the electronic pen are picked up by a grid of conductors in a flat graphics "tablet", and sent to the PenFlow software for analysis. The program picks out information on dozens of factors, including the pen's stroke rate, the rhythm of its movement and even the height the nib hovers above the tablet between words. Each factor is stored digitally, and together they make up a complete, unique description of an individual's signature This is then encrypted, so that it can be safely stored and transmitted without falling prey to hackers. No pictorial image of a sample signature need ever be stored.
It sounds like a pretty robust method, and it would be a nice step up if we could do away with the massive amount of passwords one has to remember.
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