Verizon given two weeks to give up P2P user

Verizon has been given two weeks to give up the identity of a file swapper accused of trading copyrighted material. The original ruling had been on hold since January, but a judge saw no reason to keep it on a leash:
"Verizon cannot demonstrate that it has a substantial likelihood of prevailing...and has not shown that it will be irreparably harmed if a stay pending appeal is not granted," Judge John Bates wrote in his decision.
The judge also ruled against Verizon's charge that the original ruling was unconstitutional.

To its credit, Verizon has vowed to appeal the ruling, but I have to wonder if there are any credible arguments left. Verizon claims that any ruling forcing it to give up the identity of subscribers would expose anyone that uses the Internet to "potential predators, scam artists and crooks, including identity thieves and stalkers," but so far that hasn't been enough to sway the courts.

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