Dell offers high-end gaming system

It looks like Dell is pushing a new high-end gaming platform, complete with a swanky case, 460W power supply, Canterwood, and Radeon 9800 Pro. Fully loaded, the Dimension XPS can't compete with the price of building an equivalent system from scratch, but Dell's Dimension XPS pricing does compare well with similarly-equipped systems from the likes of Alienware.

A testament to ATI's recent dominance in high-end 3D graphics, the Dimension XPS is available with either a Radeon 9800 or 9800 Pro. That a major OEM like Dell is now in the queue for Radeon 9800 Pro stock may shaft some of ATI's smaller customers. Alienware's web site warns that Radeon 9800 Pros have only limited availability, but Dell's site carries no such warning for the Dimension XPS.

Thanks to TR reader Kevin for the tip.

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