3DMark03 patch released

A patch for 3DMark03 is out, as is an updated full version of the benchmarking utility. In addition to various bug fixes, the patch adds support for DirectX 9.0a. According to Futuremark, scores between patched (Build 320) and original (Build 313) will be comparable.

Build 320 also adds the ability to force a pixel shader 1.1 code path in game tests 2 and 3 and the "Ragtroll" test for graphics cards that support the more optimized pixel shader 1.4 code path. Beyond3D has done some testing on a Radeon 9700 Pro with the unoptimized 1.1 and optimized 1.4 code paths, and their results show a healthy performance advantage for the optimized pixel shader 1.4 code path.

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