Bleah. Packing up all the junk in Damage Labs for the move this weekend is no fun. I've probably thrown out as much junk as I've packed, but the pack rat impulse in me is hard to suppress. I have loads of old PC hardware around here that I'm not sure whether to keep or throw out, so I'm playing "Keep it or not?" on ICQ with Diss. Maybe you guys can help.

Remember, this is just the borderline stuff. I've already trashed the really old and useless junk. Here's the list: an ATAPI Zip drive, a 14.4 external modem (may be my only non-ISA dial-up modem), two "beta" DOCSIS cable modems from before the 1.0 standard was finalized (unsure how I could ever update firmware), an ancient 4-disc CD-ROM changer (with no known drivers), a 4-port 10/100 hub with a noisy fan.

Would you keep any of this junk? Hmm.

(And please, nobody ask me to send them anything. None of this stuff is worth my time or the postage.)

Of course, then there's the class of junk that has attained classic status, like my dad's collection of TRS-80, Atari 130XE, and Atari ST computers, or my Wico 3-Way joysticks that work with the Ataris. Someday, that stuff could fetch us a fine bounty on eBay, I reckon. Maybe it pays to be a pack rat?

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