Record labels funding malicious software?

According to this story over at C|Net, several record labels are funding the development of software that would attack peer-to-peer users' computers. Apparently, some of the software goes far beyond simply flooding P2P networks with dupes:
One method is a "Trojan horse" program that simply redirects users to Web sites where they can legitimately buy the songs they had tried to download.

Another locks up a computer for a certain amount of time, minutes or hours, risking the loss of data that was not saved if the user restarts the computer, the paper reported.

Going after P2P pirates with lawyers is one thing, but deploying malicious software will surely cost the record labels what little support they may have left. Of course, this could just be the record labels' ace in the hole if all else fails. Today, some of the software's methods may even be illegal, but perhaps not for long.
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