iTunes Music Store sells one million songs

It looks like Apple's iTunes Music Store is off to a great start, selling over one million songs in just its first week to become the largest online music retailer in the world. Apparently, Apple had only targeted selling a million songs within the first month, but how many titles are sold after the music store's initial launch remains to be seen.

Until Apple opens up the music store to Windows users, they're stuck with a small market of Mac faithful that may not be big enough to sustain consistently high music sales. Of course, future music sales will also depend on how happy Mac users are with the service, and how Apple can grow the store's selection to include not only new titles, but also older ones that may be harder to find even on CD.

Personally, I can't see myself ever buying single tracks with lossy compression for $1/song, regardless of how many times I can burn them to CD. Apple's music service has clearly stuck a chord with Mac users, but I'm not convinced that Windows users will be as keen on the idea.

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