TR folding team hits one million mark

TR's Folding@Home team is building momentum and congratulations are in order; we've just eclipsed the one million point mark. I've literally run out of electrical outlets and Ethernet ports trying to get as many machines folding as possible in the underground benchmarking sweatshop, and I'm not alone. Over the last few weeks, team production has increased dramatically and numerous team members have leap-frogged up the leader board.

Of course, there's more to Folding than keeping track of personal statistics. Every CPU counts and this is a good cause, so even if you have no chance of catching Damage, Steel, or Mstrmold, it's still worthwhile to contribute your spare CPU cycles. It won't slow your machine down at all, either.

Not folding for team #2630 yet? Install the client and drop by our distributed computing forum and join the fold.

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