Hitachi to offer 7,200rpm notebook hard drive

The Register is reporting that Hitachi has a new notebook hard drive that spins at an astounding 7,200RPM. 7,200RPM is pretty much standard for desktop ATA hard drives these days, but laptop drives have always been much slower. Currently, the fastest available laptop hard drive spins at only 5,400RPM, though most laptops (including the one I'm typing this on) are equipped with 4,200RPM drives.

What's really cool about Hitachi's new hard drive isn't its rotation speed alone, though. Some fancy new technology allows the drive to spin at 7,200RPM while making as much noise and consuming as much power as a slower 5,400RPM drive.

Hitachi's new drive should no doubt be popular among high-performance notebook enthusiasts, but I wonder if it might also have a place in small form factor systems. I've noticed a number of small Mini-ITX cases (especially those geared towards home theater applications) offering support for 2.5" notebook hard drives rather than traditional 3.5" desktop drives. If only Hitachi had a Serial ATA version.

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