WD's Raptor Serial ATA drives to hit retail

It looks like Western Digital will be bringing its 10,000RPM "Raptor" Serial ATA hard drive to retail shelves to give PC enthusiasts easy access to the Enterprise-class hard drive. The drive's retail package will contain a 36GB drive and a Serial ATA interface card from SIIG, and will retail for a cool $250.

Honestly, $250 for a 36GB retail kit feels a little steep. Bare Raptor drives are available on Pricewatch for under $160, but for the same price one can pick up a Serial ATA drive from Seagate that has three times the storage capacity. Of course, the Raptor's warranty gives users four more years of coverage and it's a faster drive overall, but it may be too small for broadband-equipped enthusiasts accustomed to larger drives.

Coupling a smaller but faster system drive with a larger, slower drive dedicated to downloads, media files, and the like is an easy compromise, but what if you had to choose? Could you live on only 36GB of storage space?

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