Diss is out on another covert assignment, so he'll be a little scarce for the next couple of days. We're getting some help in the news department from champs, who has been a TR reader since forever, and who makes punny jokes in our IRC channel. This is his, erm, punishment.

Bah-dum dum.

Anyhow, I watched the DOOM 3 trailer from E3 last week and was positively blown away. The game is creepy-scary in a way it wasn't in earlier previews (demons crawling on the ceiling!) and the graphics are very close to movie-quality animation in many ways. Then I watched the E3 Half-Life 2 demo, and now I'm not sure which game I'm looking forward to more. The human characters in HL2 look stunningly real, with a combination of lifelike movement, convincing facial expressions, and those haunting, perfect eyes. Man, I can't wait. We've been enjoying incredible advances in hardware in the past couple of years, and finally we're going to get some software to take advantage of it.

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