SiS clings to RDRAM PC plans

When Intel dropped support for RDRAM from its chipset lineup, SiS was there to pick up the slack with the R658, a chipset that supported dual-channel PC1200 RDRAM. Rambus wasn't ready to die just yet, but who would use SiS's first RDRAM chipset? Abit, in its SI7.

I know that Abit definitely built a number of SI7s using SiS's R658 chipset because I've held one of the boards in my hands. However, it now looks like Abit has discontinued the SI7, perhaps because it wouldn't have been competitive with Intel's new dual-channel DDR400 chipsets. A discontinued motherboard isn't normally big news, but the SI7's early demise hinted that—just maybe—this would be it for RDRAM on the PC.

Well, maybe not.

This report over at The Inquirer reveals that Epox will release a motherboard based on an upcoming RDRAM-supporting chipset from SiS sometime this summer. SiS's new chipset supposedly adds support for Intel's latest 800MHz front side bus, Hyper-Threading, AGP 8X, and even Serial ATA.

RDRAM came back, the very next day...

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