Intel's mobile madness

Intel must be in a desultory mood. In addition to a new chipset launch, Intel will begin to unleash a new breed of mobile Pentium 4 processor.
Unlike the Pentium 4-M designed for thin-and-light notebooks, or desktop-use Pentium 4s, the mobile Pentium 4 is dedicated to mobile PCs, or transportable notebooks as Intel calls them. Currently, Intel offers mobile Pentium 4 processors at speeds of 3.06, 2.8, 2.66 and 2.4GHz. The processors are built using a 0.13-micron process and use a 533MHz FSB (front-side bus), but do not offer Intel’s Hyper-Threading technology, the companies said.
They all look nicer than my house...err, desktop machine. Naturally, none of them are HT-capable, but Intel is planning a mobile P4 3.2GHz processor in Q4 that will support Hyper-Threading. Intel will follow up with mobile Prescott (0.09-micron Pentium 4) processors in Q1 2004. Have we gotten to the point where most of us can ditch our baroque desktop eyesores for sexy laptops that use these phat processors?
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