New P2P network pushes files to users

I was catching up on my Slashdot headlines when I stumbled across this interesting P2P app that actually pushes files to clients. Instead of searching for and tagging files individually, users can subscribe to content channels and have any new content downloaded automatically as it becomes available.

The "konspire2b" file sharing system is still in beta, but it's already available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and BSD environments. Though anyone can start a content channel on their own, channel content is verified using digital signatures to guarantee the quality of content that users sign up for.

A subscription-based P2P network that pushes files to clients will probably be exploited to violate copyrights (just like every other P2P network,) but with the recent legal success of decentralized P2P networks, I see no way for the RIAA or others to challenge this new network itself. However, if "konspire2b" does become popular enough to capture the attention of copyright holders, the legal picture could get interesting as blame is split between the providers of copyrighted content and those signed up for downloads.

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