Creative to bring 3Dlabs technology to the desktop

According to this story over at X-bit Labs, Creative will finally bring a graphics card based on 3Dlabs' P10 to PC desktops. The Graphics Blaster Picture Perfect will apparently feature a redesigned version of the P10 called the VP500SE and use a 128-bit memory interface hooked up to 64MB of DDR SDRAM.

Given the Picture Perfect's narrow memory bus and relatively small memory size, it's probably safe to assume the card is targeted more at mainstream desktops than gaming or enthusiast markets. Interestingly enough, the card doesn't appear to have a TV output. Creative's Asian and European web sites both showcase graphics cards based on the GeForce FX 5200, which makes me wonder where this new Graphics Blaster fits in. With a reported retail price of $180, the Graphics Blaster Picture Perfect would have to offer something to consumers above and beyond the droves of sub-$80 GeForce FX 5200 cards currently on the market.

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