FutureMark patches 3DMark03

FutureMark has released a patch for 3DMark03 that addresses issues with NVIDIA's Detonator FX drivers. Here's the skinny on the patch, straight from FutureMark:
3DMark03 v3.3.0 is an updated version of 3DMark03. Hardware review sites discovered deliberate cheats in some drivers. These drivers identify 3DMark03 build 3.2.0, and render the tests differently than 3DMark03 instructs, in order to gain additional performance. Build 3.3.0 has been changed so that the test results remain the same, but the questionable drivers do not identify 3DMark03 anymore. The drivers now think 3DMark is a 3D application among others, and render the tests like 3DMark instructs. This produces a result that is genuinely comparable to other hardware.
Those looking for a more detailed analysis of NVIDIA's cheatin' heart should check out this paper, which details eight specific "optimizations."

The recent 3DMark03/Detonator FX controversy seems to have simmered down a little, which I suppose is to be expected. Still, I find it odd that NVIDIA has yet to officially comment on the subject. They haven't released an updated version of the Detonator FX drivers that fixes the "bug," either.

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