Friday night topic: A new ideological war?

Has a new ideology arisen to challenge liberal democracy for supremacy in the West? John Fonte thinks so, and he's explained why he thinks we're looking at a new ideological struggle. He's identified a movement he calls "transnational progressivism" that looks to compete with liberal democracy.
Transnational progressives have been altering the definition of "democracy" from that of a system of majority rule among equal citizens to one of power sharing among ethnic groups composed of both citizens and non-citizens. James Banks, one of American education's leading textbook writers, noted in 1994 that "to create an authentic democratic Unum with moral authority and perceived legitimacy, the pluribus (diverse peoples) must negotiate and share power." Hence, American democracy is not authentic; real democracy will come when the different "peoples" that live within America "share power" as groups.
Is Fonte on to something—a coherent, "post-democratic" ideological movement with potentially broad appeal—or has he indentified a conglomeration of loosely related trends as something more cohesive than it is?

More importantly, which side would you pick, and why?


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