Intel axes Celeron prices

Intel has the axe out again; this time they're slashing Celeron prices to keep rough price parity with AMD's Athlon XP line. Performance-wise, an Athlon XP should have no problems laying down a severe beating on an equivalent Celeron, but that may not be enough for consumers that attach additional value to the Intel brand.

According to Intel's new price list, the Celeron 1.7GHz should retail for around $54 with the fastest Celeron 2.4GHz at $84. On Pricewatch, an Athlon XP 1700+ retails for only $42 and the Athlon XP 2400+ sits at $85.

Until Intel ups the cache and front side bus speed of its Celeron processors, they're likely to remain poor competitors for AMD's Athlon XP line as far as performance is concerned. However, since the Celeron line is targeted at mainstream consumers and business users that are less likely to be aware of how severely Intel has castrated the chip, I'm sure the cheaper Celerons will sell well.

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