New Personal Cinema mates with GeForce FX 5200

It looks like NVIDIA's latest Personal Cinema is migrating to the GeForce FX line; this product page over at MSI's web site shows off the MS-8918 Personal Cinema FX5200, the first Personal Cinema card that I'm aware of to feature a GeForce FX GPU. Despite the fact that the GeForce FX 5200 is the slowest of NVIDIA's GeForce FX offerings, it's actually a more powerful GPU than is featured in any other Personal Cinema product using NVIDA's new breakout box, remote, and integrated TV tuner.

As far as I'm aware, eVGA is the only other manufacturer offering graphics cards that use NVIDIA's latest Personal Cinema hardware. Unfortunately, eVGA's Personal Cinema card is based on the GeForce4 MX 440-8X.

More than a year after the release of NVIDIA's first TV tuner/VIVO graphics product, I'm still scratching my head trying to figure out why more board manufacturers don't team up the Personal Cinema with mid-range or even high-end graphics cards. Over the last year, ATI has continued to add high-end cards to its All-in-Wonder line, suggesting that a market exists for such a product. Still, NVIDIA's partners have maintained a virtual boycott of the Personal Cinema, relegating it to mostly low-end hardware, if it's used at all. What gives?

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