GFD round-up follow-up

In the wake of our Golden Fingers Device round-up of Athlon overclocking cards, several vendors have made some changes to their pricing and policies. I see that Outside Loop has reduced the price of their Afterburner card to US $69. Meanwhile, ComputerNerd has cut a price, dropped a model, and sought a new solution to the AMD restrictions on selling modded Athlons:
We are reducing the price of the Advanced version by $10, to $49.95, plus $4.95 packing and shipping via tracked priority mail in the U.S. The Basic model is being discontinued. The product will be renamed to 'Advanced POW!er Boost'.

We will offer the Advanced POW!er Boost with 0.25 micron Athlon 550 MHz CPU tested for operation at 700 MHz at a core voltage of 1.8 Volt or less (with printout of test results) for $299, with no other warranty. For $20 additional, a 0.18 micron Athlon 550 can be substituted. The unmodified Athlon will be shipped with the cartridge closed. Corresponding bundles with cooler and motherboard will also be offered. For a $50 service charge, the customer's CPU can have L2 cache control installed with no guarantees or warranty of performance. (The same charge and conditions will apply to customers returning POW!er Boosts with CPU at their shipping cost for L2 cache control installation.) . . . . The policy permits us to meet AMD's legal demands against selling modified Athlons and still maximize the potential benefits to the customer from overclocking.

These changes should just about end the whole AMD overclocking controversy. Phew.
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