AMD staffs up for new processor design

This article at The Inquirer reports that AMD is doggedly searching for staff to work on its future-generation K9 project. Of particular note in this job posting is that AMD seeks an engineer to work on the "[v]erification of K9 microprocesor with emphasis on the K9 external bus and Northbridge", suggesting that AMD may depart from the integrated memory controller design seen in current Opteron and future Athlon 64 processors.

Also in AMD's postings are some of the first indications that their joint development agreement is in full swing, with openings located at IBM's Semiconductor Research and Development Center in East Fishkill, NY. The two companies expect to produce their first processors based on 90nm process technology later this year, and reach 0.065nm sometime in 2005. Coupled with its work on the PowerPC 970 processor, IBM is likely to have a hand in the design and/or manufacture of nearly all non-Intel desktop processors in the near future, not that this is is the first time IBM has done so, then changed its mind.

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