I spent a good part of the weekend benchmarking graphics cards, which these days will make a guy paranoid. I'm like, "Uh oh, agents!" None of the tools we've relied on before seem safe.

Speaking of tools that aren't safe, I've also spent evenings the past week trying to nurse my poor lawn back to health after an unfortunate incident involving a lawnmower unable to hold its height settings or to mulch effectively. Entire strips of the lawn got buzz cut, leaving long swaths of brown, dying grass buried under a pile of thatch. My basic strategy has been to rake and water. And water. And water. Still, these strips of the lawn are mostly brown, and some spots are just dead entirely. I have never been a lawn guy, and worrying about such things makes me feel very old and a little like Hank Hill. But I must bring this lawn back to life. Everything depends on it.

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