Dell voices support for 3DMark03

OEM giant Dell has weighed in on the 3DMark03 controversy, endorsing the benchmark as a fair comparison tool for 3D graphics cards:
"Dell uses many tools to evaluate system and graphics subsystem performance. We believe 3DMark03 is a solid synthetic graphics benchmark that covers a wide range of usage models and complements application-specific testing. Synthetic benchmarks like 3DMark03 help to differentiate graphics subsystem performance characteristics of both high end and lower end cards by utilizing sets of tests with varying degrees of graphics complexity. Entry level cards will be able to run at least one simple test to be used in comparisons for those interested in basic 3D functionality. Additionally, those interested in leading edge technology with be able to make graphics hardware comparisons with a range of tests using the new APIs, shaders, rendering techniques, etc. Dell believes 3DMark03 is a versatile tool that allows a fair comparison of today's wide range of 3D graphics solutions."
That Dell appears to use 3DMark03 as a synthetic benchmark among a number of different performance evaluation tools for graphics cards is encouraging, though I have to question just how much Dell really knows about benchmarking. For years, AMD's Athlon and Duron processors dominated Intel's Pentium 4 and Celerons in nearly every benchmark, yet Dell has never offered systems based on AMD's chips.
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