Motorola implements low-k dielectrics

The Register has revealed that Motorola has successfully brought low-k dielectrics to its PowerPC line, boosting the speed of its 0.18-micron chips by 20%. Motorola has been delivering PowerPC 7455 chips with low-k dielectrics for Apple's Power Mac line for a full quarter now, and low-k 0.13-micron chips are on the way.

Apparently, Motorola's goal is to hit 2GHz with the PowerPC line while consuming only 20W of power. They also intend to keep doubling speed of PowerPC chips every 18 months; wouldn't Moore be proud?

If Motorola is really dedicated to ramping up the clock speed and performance of its PowerPC processors, Apple may not have to adopt IBM's new 64-bit PowerPC 970 right away, or even at all. Of course, Apple could also choose to use the PowerPC 970 exclusively in its Power Mac, PowerBook, and Xserve lines, reserving Motorola's chips for the less expensive eMac, iMac, and iBook.

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