Intel mulls single-channel 865 chipset

Intel is giving thought to a lower cost 865 chipset without support for dual-channels of DDR memory, according to sources in this article at Digitimes. This single-channel DDR400 chipset, possibly called "865Light" or "865Minus" (no snickering, please), would make an appearance in the value segment of the market, where third-party chipset manufacturers have been allowed to exist, with SiS chipsets selling no less than 40% cheaper than Intel.

While it may be possible Intel is looking to steal more share away from its P4 bus licensees, there may also be other rationales. Perhaps Intel intends to move all Pentium 4 processors to the 800MHz (quad-pumped) front-side bus some time in the near future, or perhaps the company is simply looking for a better way to make a clearer distinction between its 865 and 875 chipsets.

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