Bugbear.B is a better Bugbear

It didn't really hit me at all personally, but Bugbear.B is the virus of the minute on all the news sites, including this article at CNN.com.

Like an increasing number of the more successful viruses, it's a nasty little thing. It includes its own SMTP engine, and like the Klez virus it fakes the sender address so you don't really know who sent it to you. The subject line, e-mail text and attachment name are similarly random and/or unpredictable. Bonus items include a keystroke logger, the opening of a dedicated Trojan port and the disabling of some anti-virus and firewall programs.

One important note for the systems administrators out there is that the virus apparently always arrives as an attachment with a .pif, .exe or .scr extension. I'd point you to the eWeek article that mentioned this fact, but the boneheads have edited it and taken that part out rather than simply write a new article. Morons.

Anyway, I'm sure you probably already have those extensions filtered into quarantine by the mail server. So why am I mentioning it then? To remind you to print out multiple copies of the article, so you can hand them to your users the next time they bitch about not being able to receive the latest joke Flash animation in .exe form.

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