Motherboard vendors unlock Springdale performance

Abit and Albatron are the latest motherboard manufacturers claiming to have unlocked the hidden performance potential of Intel's Springdale 865PE chipset. Both Abit and Albatron have beta BIOSes available for their respective Springdale boards that apparently have quite an impact on overall performance.

On Abit's IS7-G, users will apparently be able to use a new "Game Accelerator" BIOS feature to boost the Springdale chipset's performance by up to 30%. Albatron is less specific about the performance gains that can be seen with a new beta BIOS for its PX865PE, but they've specifically stated that PAT—Intel's Performance Acceleration Technology that is supposed to be exclusive to the Canterwood chipset— shouldn't be used to describe the performance options in the new BIOS.

Nudge nudge. Wink Wink.

Less than two weeks after Asus' original claim to have unlocked PAT in the Springdale chipset, it looks like other motherboard manufacturers have caught up and are up to the same mischief. Intel doesn't want to dilute the value of its Canterwood chipset, so it's probably making very sure that motherboard manufacturers don't start touting PAT as a feature of Springdale boards, at least not by name. Manufacturers appear to have unlocked PAT-like performance, but since they can't use the name, I expect we'll be seeing all sorts of creative titles for the PAT-esque Springdale performance options.

What remains to be seen is just how stable these PAT-esque performance options are—especially with all four of a Springdale board's DIMM slots filled. Stay tuned.

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