Soltek nForce2 cube reviewed

Keeping with the foreign language theme today is this French review of Soltek's QBic EQ3701M nForce2-based cube. Like Shuttle's barebones nForce2 offering, which we reviewed here, Soltek's cube serves dual outputs for the nForce2 IGP and an all-important AGP slot, but it also has an extra external 5.25" drive bay.

Of course, any barebones system that includes an extra 5.25" drive bay is going to be a little taller than the competition. Personally, I think the trade-off is worth it. That extra drive bay can easily be filled with a nifty LCD display for home theater PC systems, a fan speed control panel for overclocked cubes, or a well-cooled second hard drive for RAID enthusiasts. Having that kind of flexibility at the expense of just a few inches of case height seems pretty worthwhile to me.

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