I've been doing this for a long time now, and I've seen some pretty lame things in the web business. There was the time when stole one of our CPU reviews and got paid back, or there was the incident, which produced similar results. But I have to admit, IGN's obvious rip-off of the ever-so-tasty Fileshack stands alone. From the Mercury clone (dubbed "Turbo") right down to the individual nav icons, IGN's no-doubt-goateed web design minions have carefully massaged their Macintoshes into producing a near-exact negative image of Fileshack. Way to go, guys. Very original. Refill on that latte?

Speaking of lame things that might prompt litigation, we decided to pull the story about Apple's rumored upcoming 64-bit systems after threats from Apple's lawyers. No, we didn't print anything more than a brief summary of public information available at another web site with a link, but that didn't stop Apple from threatening us with expensive inconvenience. Say this about Steve Jobs' Apple: it sure is cuddly.

Hmm. Should I?

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