Notebooks hit 3GHz

Intel has busted out a new mobile Pentium 4 chip running at a speedy 3.06GHz, further raising the bar for notebook performance. With the Pentium M taking care of lightweight and more portable notebooks, Intel is now free to crank up the clock speed of its mobile Pentium 4 chips, which tend to reside in beefier notebooks designed more as portable desktop replacements. Curiously, it appears that the mobile Pentium 4 3.06GHz processor doesn't support Hyper-Threading, which is present on the processor's desktop equivalent.

Today Intel also introduced faster members of its mobile Celeron processor line, which now tops out at 2.4GHz. Though the Celeron is crippled with a slower bus and only 128KB of L2 cache, it should be a popular chip for budget notebooks.

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