So what do you guys think of "blogger" media analyses like this one? I'm ambivalent, because I'm all over the whole new media/small media taking on the corporate giants line, but I'm a little turned off by the "blogger" types' apparent sense that they represent something new. This whole blogging phenomenon seems recent, yes, but it's following a path worn by real pioneers like Drudge, Slashdot, and a zillion others. Heck, if all online commentary is blogging, then I am the ur-blogger, self-publishing via BBS software in 1985 and earning a "Best of the Web" runner up for my old home page in 1996.

Yes, personal computers and the Internet change the economics to make publishing more accessible, and that is generally a good thing. I remember the bad old days when PC Magazine reviews of pre-built PCs were the only game in town. But when will this fact cease to be news?

Hmm. Maybe not for a long time. You think?

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