One take on the spam problem

Have a look at this opinion piece on the problem of spam and how to handle it. Christopher Caldwell is fed up, as we all are, with this junk. He proposes tough government regulation as a solution:
The Internet economy, as spam shows, turns out to be like a garden: Leave it alone and you will not get (as you might assume in theory) a profusion of wild and interesting growth. No--you'll get the entire space choked off by the most noxious and aggressive weed. And spam has reached the point where it calls for a mighty pesticide. An entire range of federal regulations is going to be necessary if the Internet is to be kept usable; and enacting such regulations responsibly will take legislative prudence and care. A do-not-spam list is a first imperative. But it is also a social necessity that the principle of taxing the Internet be established soon.
Caldwell goes on to propose "postage" charges for e-mail and the works. Is this the right approach? (Current popfile accuracy: 98.1%.)
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