Western Digital intros 250GB Serial ATA drive

If the paltry 37GB of storage available on Western Digital's Serial ATA Raptor WD360GD, which we reviewed here, isn't enough for you, Western Digital has announced a Caviar Special Edition Serial ATA drive available in sizes up to 250GB. Unlike the Raptor, which spins at a speedy 10K-RPM, the new Serial ATA Caviar spins at only 7,200 RPM. The new drive features the same 8MB cache and three year warranty as Western Digital's Caviar Special Edition drives, and will be available in four different sizes. It looks like the new Serial ATA drives may be hot-swappable, too.

At long last, it seems that Serial ATA is finally upon us in volume. My only hope now is that prices continue to drop and optical drives get in on the action. I wouldn't mind seeing Western Digital serve up a special combo deal for those wanting to run a Raptor system drive and Serial ATA Caviar for storage, either.

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