SCOm of the Earth

Not my most creative headline, but certainly fitting. I was perusing Slashdot earlier and saw them mention this Inquirer article in passing. It's an interesting piece, containing a cease and desist letter from a Linux coder claiming copyright infringement of his work by SCO.

In case you've been living under a rock (a very heavy rock, deep underground) SCO is the company that has earned the enmity of the entire Linux community by claiming that its source code has been illegally copied into Linux. SCO has also threatened to revoke IBM's Unix license, and it's becoming increasingly clear that the company believes its future lies not in innovation but litigation.

IANAL, but the claim of copyright infringement by a Linux coder is an interesting new development. If such a claim does have legal merit, the trend could quickly snowball as other Linux developers decide to pursue legal claims. Before long, SCO's legal bills could start looking like those of Rambus or ReplayTV. Wouldn't that be a shame?

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