ATI core logic chipset to come in June

DigiTimes is reporting that ATI's long-awaited RS300 core logic chipset will be announced later this month and ship by the end of the summer. Already, Asus and Gigabyte plan to use the RS300, which integrates a Radeon 9000 graphics core, dual-channel DDR400, and support for Intel's latest 800MHz front-side bus. Apparently, the RS300 will undercut the price of Intel's 865G chipset, which we reviewed here.

Even with what are likely to be lower clock speeds and shared memory bandwidth, I suspect the performance of the RS300's integrated graphics core will far outpace Intel's "Extreme" graphics core, forcing the 865G to sell itself on Intel's name and a more appealing list of available south bridge features. Thus far, I've yet to see any confirmation that the RS300 will be paired with a south bridge chip that can compete with Intel's ICH5, which features Serial ATA support among other goodies.

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