AMD announces new mobile processors

AMD has announced a new batch of mobile Athlon XP processors, including a speedy Athlon XP-M processor rated at 2800+ and low-voltage processors at 1900+ and 2000+. All three new processors feature 512KB of L2 cache.

A mobile Athlon XP-M 2800+ should be well suited for the desktop replacement market where it will take on Intel's fastest mobile Pentium 4 processors. The new low-voltage Athlon XP-Ms will be lining up against Centrino notebooks powered by Pentium M processors. AMD is quick to point out that its new low-voltage Athlon XP-M processors are compatible with the latest wireless solutions, but it doesn't look like AMD will be branding or bundling the new processors with any specific wireless technologies.

Without a WiFi brand like Centrino, which Intel has spent millions to promote, I have to wonder how successful the new low-voltage Athlon XP-Ms will be. With 512KB of L2 cache, the new processors should be fast, but they may not have the power or headroom to keep up with Intel's ramping Pentium M processors, which have twice as much L2 cache.

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