HP's Athlon64 system details emerge

The specifications of HP's t182k, which uses AMD's upcoming Athlon64 processor, have leaked onto the web. According to the technical specifications available on HP's web site, the t182k uses an Athlon64 3100+ processor running at 1.8GHz on a motherboard sporting VIA's 8KT400M chipset. Based on the document, it looks like the Athlon64 3100+ will have 128KB of L1 and 1MB of L2 cache, too.

With the Athlon64's launch still months away, it's hard to draw any concrete conclusions from the t182k's technical specifications. Given the fact that the Athlon64 was delayed several months, I have to wonder if the spec sheet doesn't refer to an older system design that has since been updated. After all, the system specifications list a GeForce MX 440, which seems low end for an Athlon64 3100+, even one from a major OEM like HP. Still, the spec sheet does seem to indicate that HP will roll out at least one system using the Athlon64 processor, which should lend a lot of credibility to the platform.

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