VIA ships KT600 chipset in volume

VIA has announced the volume shipment of its KT600 chipset, which features native support for a 400MHz front-side bus, DDR400 memory. Thanks to a new VT8237 south bridge, KT600 chipset will be the first to bring south bridge Serial ATA support to the Socket A platform, which may be why so many manufacturers apparently have KT600-based motherboards in the works:
To date, VIA KT600 chipset based performance motherboard designs have been confirmed by around 20 manufacturers representing more than 90% of the global market for AMD compatible motherboards, including ABIT, Acorp, Albatron, Aopen, Asus, Azza, Biostar, Chaintech, DFI, ECS, Epox, FIC, Gigabyte, Jetway, MSI, Shuttle, Soltek, Soyo and QDI.
If chipsets are only shipping to manufacturers in volume now, I have to wonder how long it will be before motherboards start hitting retail channels. With NVIDIA's nForce2 Ultra 400 rolling out and no shortage of third party Serial ATA solutions available, the KT600 may have missed its window of opportunity.
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