Hollywood is LIVID at the penguin

Hardly news, I know, but ZDNet has an excellent article on the subject. It sums up the current state of affairs between the various motion picture acronyms (DCCA, MPAA, DMCA) and the open-source peeps who cracked that other acronym (CSS) and started this whole thing.

The article goes into a lot of detail regarding the DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) and the downright ridiculous rights it gives to copyright holders (including making reverse engineering or, theoretically, taping TV shows on a VCR, illegal acts). It basically paints the movie groups involved as a bunch of dumbasses, and given the points made in the article, it's difficult not to agree.

The scary thing is that the courts seem to be siding with them, taking the DMCA as gospel instead of as a poorly written law that needs to be challenged (and, more than likely, subsequently struck down or revised). I think some judges need to fire up the DVD player of their choice and watch a little bit of 1984.

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