Additional Athlon 64 details emerge

I noticed over at The Inquirer that x86-Secrets appears to have gotten its hands on an AMD presentation that outlines plans for the Athlon 64 into next year. Apparently, we'll see Athlon 64 processors rated at 3100+ and 3400+ this year, with a 3700+ model following in Q1 2004. According to the roadmaps, Athlon 64s rated at 4000+ and 4300+ will follow later in 2004; the 4300+ will be based on a new 0.09-micron "San Diego" core.

The presentation also provides a timeline for a desktop version of Microsoft's Windows operating system. According to the timeline, a release candidate of the AMD64 version of Windows should be available in Q3, but a final cut won't be released to manufacturing until the end of the year. Given that the Athlon 64 is officially slated for a September launch, it looks like early adopters may have a while to wait before a AMD64 version of Windows is commercially available.

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