Hope everybody had a good weekend. I did. Grilled some teriyaki-marinated chicken kabobs on Friday night, and they were quite tasty. Mmm.

Speaking of tasty, I've been playing with the newest Shuttle cube this weekend, too. Should have a review up soon. This one could give the SB61G2 a run for its money. More when the review's done.

Oh, one more thing. TR reader Kevin Adams wrote in to note that our IBM GXP drive failure thread is still alive and kicking, unlike countless thousands of IBM hard drives. We are still getting near-daily new posts from victims of the GXP debacle. It's astounding.

Kevin wonders how things are going now that IBM has sold off its hard drive business to Hitachi. I have to admit, I've avoided Hitachi drives the few times they were an option for me. Have any of you guys tried them? Do you have a sense of whether Hitachi has gotten the failure rate under control?

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