AMDMB vs. THG: the plot thickens

It all started Saturday when Ryan Shrout of posted an editorial about an alleged deal between Tom's Hardware Guide and AMD at the Million Man LAN event in Louisville, Kentucky. Apparently, the deal prevented any hardware site from publishing details of a public demonstration of the Athlon64 until Tom's Hardware Guide had sufficiently milked the story.

Omid Rahmat, the General Manager of Tom's Guides Publishing has responded to the accusations with a letter to The Inquirer stating that THG never prevented anyone from attending the event, nor do they block any publications from dealing with manufacturers. Curiously absent from the letter is any specific mention of whether or not THG arranged an embargo deal with AMD that prevented the publication of details from the public Athlon 64 presentation.

Thus far, THG has posted an article on the Athlon 64 complete with all sorts of pictures and other goodies from the LAN event, but as far as I'm aware, they're the only site to do so. If AMD had a public demo of the Athlon 64 at a LAN event with over a thousand gamers in attendance, why is Tom's Hardware Guide the only site details and pictures of Athlon 64 notebook and desktop parts from the event?

It gets better. This story over at HardOCP reveals that THG will be suing AMDMB for libel, alleging that Shrout's editorial is a fabrication. Rather than specifically address the so-called fabrication's claim that THG had exclusive publication rights to details from the event's Athlon64 presentation, they've elected to get lawyers involved.

As if that weren't enough, Shrout apparently has AMD and THG representatives on tape saying some "very interesting" things. With drama like this, who needs daytime television?

Update: It appears that Sudhian Media's Joel Hruska didn't encounter any problems at the Million Man Lan. You can find Sudhian's coverage of the event, which includes Athlon 64 goodies, here.

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