AMD, Intel update server processor lines

AMD and Intel both announced additions to their server processor lines today. In addition to introducing new Xeon MP processors, the new "Madison" core Itanium 2 was also revealed with clock speeds between 1.3, 1.4, and 1.5GHz and 3, 4, and 6MB of cache, respectively. The new Itaniums aren't cheap, especially when compared with AMD's 64-bit Opteron processors, but already a number of major OEMs have committed to building Madison-based servers.

Not to be upstaged by Intel, AMD has lifted the curtain on its Opteron 100 and 800 lines for single and four or eight processor systems, respectively. Enthusiasts in particular should be interested in the relatively affordable Opteron 100s, which ship in July. Combined with an nForce3 Pro150 motherboard, the $229 Opteron 140 looks like a bargain platform for those looking to get their feet wet with AMD64.

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