Notebook sales continue to rise

Despite a decline in tech spending, notebook sales continue to rise. The average selling price of notebooks is dropping, but portables still made up over 50% of all computer revenue in May of this year. Heck, I'm even writing this news post on my laptop.

Notebooks continue to be much more expensive than desktops with similar hardware, but it looks like consumers are seeing a lot more value in portability than upgradeability and raw performance. Honestly, I don't blame them. Mid-range and even low-end notebooks are more than powerful enough to handle what the vast majority of PC users demand from their machines, and most computer users seem more interested in adding new peripherals devices to their machines than upgrading individual internal components.

Portable computers will always carry a price premium, but as wireless networking becomes more popular I can only see the value of portability rising. How long will it be before you're surfing TR from a laptop, or are you already?

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