Adobe's new video editing software snubs Apple

C|Net is reporting that Adobe's next wave of video editing software will snub Apple and only be released for Windows. Adobe will release a version of After Effects 6.0 for OS X, but new versions of Premiere Pro, Audition, and Video Collection will be Windows-only. According to Adobe, it just didn't make financial sense to port the new version of Premiere to OS X, especially since Apple is pushing its own suite of video editing tools.

As you might expect, Apple is putting a positive spin on the matter and claiming that there's no better time for Premiere users to switch over to Final Cut Pro 4. Final Cut Pro should, of course, run quite nicely on one of those shiny new G5s, but content creation professionals may choose to follow Premiere Pro over to Windows if Adobe has served up enough compelling features. Considering that Premiere Pro is optimized for multiple processors and Hyper-Threading, supports High Definition footage, and includes its own 5.1-channel surround sound mixer, Final Cut Pro 4 may be hard-pressed to compete.

At the very least, Mac users can take some solace in the fact that one of the more exciting new features from Adobe comes in its cross-platform After Effects package. After Effects 6.0 supports hardware OpenGL acceleration, giving users one more way to justify a graphics card upgrade.

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