Threat of legal action increases song swapping

In what is perhaps an act of defiance by the file sharing community, it appears that song swapping has increased by 10% since the RIAA announced it was preparing hundreds of suits against individual file traders. In the past, even negative publicity has increased the popularity of file sharing, which could be why file sharing activity is up since the RIAA announced its intentions. Some are also speculating that pirates are trying to get in a few last downloads before the hammer falls.

At least for now, it appears that the RIAA's legal scare tactics aren't working. Merely the threat of legal action hasn't stopped song swapping, but I have to wonder what will happen to mainstream file sharing networks when mass media covers the suits themselves. Will coverage of hefty fines finally bring mainstream file sharing to its knees or will users be content to take their chances on file sharing networks to avoid the seemingly unthinkable act of actually purchasing a CD?

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